Intuitive Alignment Healing Retreat

June 8th, 2019 10-3pm

Potato Hill Farm Augusta, KY

I'm There!

Get Relaxed and Realign With YOUR Mission !

Get In Touch With Your Intuition

Learn to use a variety of intuitive tools to help you tune into your subconscious mind.  

Discover Where You Are And Where You Want to Go

What are you currently doing with your life or your career?  Is it truly aligned with where you want to be?

Release Your Baggage and Set a New Path

Learn what you need to let go of and what your # 1 need is so you can move your life into the direction of alignment.

  • Workshop will include a morning and afternoon session.
  • Time to journal
  • Time to explore the farm
  • Lunch to be provided by Potato Hill Farm.
  • FREE copy of my upcoming book.
  • Plus 10% off my online course that opens June17th
  • Not to mention an Intuitive Harmony/Potato Hill Farm Goody Bag.
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Hi I'm Kristen Fryer

Owner of Intuitive Harmony creator of the Harmony Method and a practicing Intuitive Healer.  I also, teach coaches, teachers, and entrepreneurs how to create transformational techniques to up-level their businesses.  After a traumatic event in 2014, I needed a reset. I needed to re-direct my life into something that gave me a sense of joy and purpose. I created my own energy healing modality that has helped yoga teachers expand their offerings to helping survivors of complex trauma lead normal lives.  I want to share some my techniques with others so they too can live a life of true alignment with self and spirit.

Make Time For YOU!

Life is busy. Houses need cleaning. Gardens need weeded.  But just taking a little time to yourself can be so truly energizing. This workshop will give you the time and space you need to create clarity about where you are and where you want to go. 


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